How can Cardano handle a Black Friday like event?

Published: 2018-12-05


We were talking about transactions per second and I believe that the TPS for Cardano is roughly around 230 transactions per second and once again this can be elevated over time. The main important thing that I was trying to convey the most important message was this idea of parallel chains and basically what's going to be happening is Cardano's going to be running these parallel chains.

If an epoch gets it becomes full there's going to be multiple epochs running in tandem and that's gonna increase the transactions or the throughput for the entire network so imagine 230 transactions per second happening in this epoch this gets full another 230 transactions per second here another 230 transactions per second here and it can pretty much go almost infinitely. This is what's going to allow Cardano to scale to handle the massive number of transactions per second that it would need in order to support the financial system of the new world or to support.

Let's say 10 million people are using Cardano there's going to be a lot of transactions per second and you may need to increase that throughput as the numbers of users increase so I drew a parallel to Amazon and the reason why I wanted to draw that parallel was because that when Amazon has multiple different fulfillment centers to fulfill your prime orders so there may be a prime fulfillment center in Kentucky there may be one in Tennessee there may be one in Florida there may be one in Wisconsin.

Wherever they have their fulfillment centers and people are sending orders Amazon orders constantly and these different fulfillment centers can be looked at as basically parallel chains for Amazon while one fulfillment center would be great there.

I'm sure it can handle a lot of transactions per second what happens when Black Friday happens or Cyber Monday happens you need multiple different fulfillment centers to be processing everyones orders so person a who lives near the Wisconsin fulfillment center can send his transaction to that one and person B that lives next to the Florida fulfillment center can send their transactions to that one. At the end of the day it all gets fed to the main Amazon center or the main Amazon server but different fulfillment centers are processing different orders.

This is what exactly what's going to be happening within Cardano different epochs are going to be processing maybe different transactions but at the end of the day they're all going to be feeding into the main transaction the main blockchain.


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