What's coming from cardano in 2019

Published: 2018-12-05


Starting in February of 2015 we established CARDANO to address problems that could be seen in projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum CARDANO was initially established by 4 core members.

So what were the issues that CARDANO set out to address? They fall under 3 types The first is "Scalability" which is currently getting a lot of attention in the blockchain space as a prominent issue The second is "Interoperability" This has to do with communication between blockchains and CARDANO has undertaken to make improvements in this area Third, CARDANO is designed for "Sustainability".

It's been a very long year. we're tallying up all of the countries that I've been to 27 this year and now I think 30, 33, or something like that since the time we launched CARDANO. We have a window of time now That's going to decide how the world is going to work for this next century the 21st Century just like our parents and their parents had a window of time to decide the world we grew up in.

This technology is not about building itself up for the sake of building itself up. It's about asking how do we make people's lives better? You know what I've noticed in the last six months, seven months? A lot of these meetup groups and events a lot of people talking about CARDANO aren't me .It's coming from you, around the world.

So in EMURGO, we are trying to promote a healthy and balanced ecosystem For this it is required that we have multiple high quality wallets But also we're putting our R&D into this process. So we are bringing a lot of cool features. We are going to be implementing hardware wallets for Trezor, a ledger, in YOROI.

We're also going to be releasing apps for iOS and Android and something's that's really important is unlike other generic wallets. We are always going to be updated with the latest features of CARDANO. We want EMURGO with YOROI to be the go-to wallet for connections with the financial system We are going to be working with how we can connect the crypto world with the traditional system.

We will be making some announcements during 2019 but I can tell you something right now So if you ever want to use your ADA in a store we are going to be doing KYC and credit card integration so you'll be able to have a credit card connected to Yoroi wallet (EMURGO Indonesia) (ICO Consulting). I was very excited for the possibilities that CARDANO can bring in the entire startup ecosystem Cheers! We will have more exciting projects so if you are interested in the blockchain industry, you are more than welcome to join our team


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