More coinbase trading options on the horizon

Published: 2018-12-12


I want to share some good news in the crypto markets. With prices crashing, I've been starting to get concerned for some of the smaller coins that have been hardest hit by the downturn. Specifically, both Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic have lost so much value recently that I was worried they might get removed from the popular exchange Coinbase, cutting them off from customers.

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So, as you probably know, the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains each have a minority fork that uses their same security algorithm: that's Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum Classic, respectively. Each of these coins has fallen dangerously low, with Bitcoin Cash at just 3% the price of Bitcoin, and Ethereum Classic at just 4% the price of Ethereum, so I was concerned this might cause them to lose support from Coinbase. Well, good news: the opposite is happening!

Coinbase announced today on their blog that they are looking into adding over 30 new cryptotokens, including Stellar, Cardano, and Augur, so it's unlikely they're about to delist anything in the near future. And Gemini, another major US-based exchange, recently announced that they are supporting Bitcoin Cash trading for the first time.


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