Monero doesn't need to be legitimate to be useful

Published: 2018-12-29


Monero does not care about legitimacy!

The underworld of anonymous cryptocurrencies It is divided by a fundamental dispute: be completely anonymous versus be accepted by control entities. In 2018 ZCash and Dash, two important crypto anonymous, they moved more towards the pole of "legitimacy" and moved away from the pole of "total anonymity". Monero, however, continues along this path of the absolute and total anonymity. However, this left the name of Monero with several illegal or criminal activities.

Just make a slight search in the recognized Google engine to check it. For example at the beginning of 2018 several reports they pointed to Monero as the crypto used by North Korea to do cryptojacking and mine illegally in infected computers. The well-known developer of Monero, Riccardo "Fluffypony" Spagni, said that the "illegal and the immoral "are subjective concepts and They differ among diverse cultures and / or jurisdictions policies Therefore, it is almost impossible to operate without breaking some law or some moral code in some place of the world, he maintained.

A DIGNIFIED ARGUMENT FROM LIONEL HUTZ. "When it started, Bitcoin had many more illegal transactions that positive uses. But it went beyond that stage and I'm sure that Monero will also do it, "said the developer. He also pointed out that each human being is responsible of his actions and Monero is, just, a tool. Bitmain fired all its developers of Bitcoin Cash Bitmain, the Chinese manufacturer of plates mining, fired all its developers of Bitcoin Cash on December 23rd. This information comes to us thanks to a tweet published by Dovey Wan, a reliable source about crypto news in china.

This source maintained that it will not be the last Adjustment of personnel within the company. Many more layoffs are coming.

It seems that in the Beijing offices where today a thousand employees work to be only three hundred. And in the offices of the modern city of Shenzhen will go from seven hundred to two hundred. This measure was very surprising since Bitmain It was, and still is, one of the important Bitcoin fork promoters.

The ad adds to the complete closure of your blockchain development laboratory in Israel. Theme that we had already dealt with in a timely manner in other videos. Bitmain did not provide any comments official on this topic. Increase the number of lightning nodes network in 2018 Lightning Network represents a huge breakthrough to make quick and small payments in the Bitcoin network.

This technology allows the creation of channels parallel payment to make transactions without the need to intervene in the main network of bitcoin. According to a Tweet published by Jameson Lopp, CTO of CasaHODL, the number of channels Announced by Lightning Network increased zero to more than nineteen thousand. And the volume operating in Bitcoin went from zero to five hundred during the same period. It is estimated that the figure is even a little greater since the channels that are not announced publicly can not be accounted for in statistics.


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